• Maxine Finlay

    Maxine Finlay

  • Jose Mathias

    Jose Mathias

    Brazilian, Kiwi. Likes to write and read. Also enjoys speaking in third person.

  • train147369


  • Jessica Alouette

    Jessica Alouette

    Junior Web Designer and Developer @96blackltd // Self taught and ready to rock // Ask me about Sass // she/her pronouns

  • tacurta


    All the Best can come true, if you know what and which and who.

  • John Gonzalez

    John Gonzalez

    Senior Associate/Senior Project Manager Architecture

  • Jonti Griffin

    Jonti Griffin

    Gardner, designer & balsamic vinegar.

  • Timothy Maurer

    Timothy Maurer

    Partly owning & designing @StudioNaam. Sounds weird, feels nice, wears glasses, sleeps in places, says nice things, says not so nice things. Needs a new house.

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