I’ve had an Apple Watch for a little over a month now, and I wanted to write down some of my initial impressions for anyone who hasn’t already picked one up.

A lot of people ask me for advice on where I get inspiration from, what apps I use, where and how they should create an online portfolio, and which online design communities to follow. So in an effort to index all of this, I’ve created a list of design resources split up into categories for your reference. I’ll add to this when necessary




This is a recurring conversation in the world of graphic design, and other creative industries. The act of making something look a particular way for the sake of it, vs basing design choices on a founding idea or principle that grounds it, giving some sort of context or reason. At first it sounds daunting, but in reality it just makes sense.

Brendon O'Dwyer

Design, Branding & Art Direction.

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